Wilsons Auctions confirmed to present at world-wide inter-governmental Blockchain Policy Forum

Wilsons Auctions will be represented at an upcoming Blockchain Policy Forum hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) when it contributes to the tax administration session on 4-5 September in Paris, France.

Aidan Larkin, Head of Asset Recovery will be representing Wilsons Auctions at the forum which will focus on the risks and challenges posed by crypto-assets in tax crime investigations as well as how Blockchain-based tools may be effective to improve certain tax administration. Over 400 decision-makers from world-wide public and private sectors, experts, academics and stakeholders will be in attendance.

The two-day event will provide a forum for discussion on Blockchain's potential global economic impact, the implications on privacy and cyber-security, using Blockchain to enhance inclusiveness, promote green growth and sustainability and to strengthen governance and enforcement practices.

Speaking of his attendance at the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum, Aidan Larkin said, "It is a privilege to have been asked to contribute as a panellist on behalf of Wilsons Auctions in the upcoming OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris. It serves as a testament to the progressive nature of Wilsons Auctions and its Asset Recovery Department, that we are being asked to share our experiences and give advice on the complicated and challenging world of crypto-assets.

"Wilsons Auctions Asset Recovery Department regularly advises overseas governments and law enforcement agencies on the management of seized assets including crypto assets. As a former Tax Inspector with a strong understanding of tax and managing seized assets, I know first-hand the importance of events such as this and the value of sharing best practice and knowledge. We're delighted to be able to play a small part in helping advise future policy makers and strengthen governance and enforcement practices across the globe," he concluded. 

The OECD dates back to 1960 when 18 European countries along with the United States and Canada joined forces to create an organisation dedicated to economic development. It currently has 36 member countries spanning the globe and uses its wealth of information on a broad range of topics to help governments foster prosperity and fight poverty through economic growth and financial stability.

Wilsons Auctions manages the whole asset realisation process for private and public sector as well as over 40 law enforcement agencies across the UK and Ireland. It can proudly say it is dominating the market share for public sector asset realisation and in recent years has returned in excess of £85 million back into the public purse.

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