Wilsons Auctions Secures More 'Available' Space at Their Telford Branch

Wilsons Auctions has just secured 25% more space at their auction branch in Telford.

Wilsons Auctions has just secured 25% more space at their auction branch in Telford which makes room for the extra supply of cars that National Car Supermarket brand, Available Car have agreed to supply to the auction company in 2016. 

After 12 months of delivering an exceptional service and performance, Available Car are proud to celebrate their continued partnership with Wilsons Auctions, Telford, by agreeing to a new contract, resulting in 100 cars per week.  

"We pride ourselves on the selection & quality of vehicles we can offer our customers and securing this extra space along with the new agreement with Available Car, enables us to offer even more choice in 2016." says Paul Mallen, Director 

Car auctions take place twice weekly at Wilsons Auctions Telford, and are the busiest in the region attracting massive crowds of trade and private buyers. 

Telford Motor Auctions at Trench Lock, Telford was taken over by Wilsons Auctions in 2007 and has been going from strength to strength ever sinceWilsons Auctions, which has 2 branches including its head office in Northern Ireland, and branches in Dublin, Glasgow & North Wales and auctions a whole range of items from cars, plant & machinery & property to boats, gold, designer ware, watches and more. 

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