Moving On

The success of Wilsons Auctions over the years has been, in part, the company’s ability to adapt and change in order to expand and win new vendors and contracts.

For the last few months the Asset Recovery Department has been undergoing a restructuring process to enable it to capitalise on the international work that the company finds coming our way. Examples of this are the upcoming cryptocurrency auction for the Belgian government and an online auction of cars on behalf of the government of the Czech Republic. As part of this restructuring process Aidan Larkin will be leaving his role as Asset Recovery Director at Wilsons Auctions to join a global asset management project that will see him act as a consultant for public sector bodies and receivers, reviewing their seized assets processes & practices and be one of the authors of the new international asset recovery guidelines being composed over the next year.

Acting as a consultant for Wilsons Auctions going forward, we will be maintaining a close working relationship as we will continue to use Aidan to speak and advocate on our behalf. Aidan is a gifted communicator and this new role will allow him to focus on making best use of his talents while helping develop business for the company.

Peter Johnston comments “On behalf of everyone at Wilsons Auctions I would like to wish Aidan well in his new venture and place on record my thanks to him for all his hard work and endeavour in helping to develop the Asset Recovery Department along with the portfolio of prestigious contracts it is responsible for. I welcome the opportunity to have Aidan continue to work alongside the company in a consultancy role in future and I believe that this restructuring process will allow our Asset Recovery to continue to build on the strong results it delivers for our clients moving forward.”

Aidan Larkin comments “As someone who’s worked in criminal investigation, insolvency and now the auction industry, it’s an honour to be asked to get involved in assisting with new legislation and best practice globally around seized assets. It’s a testament to the hard work and innovation from everyone at Wilsons Auctions that we have so many exciting stories to tell and our reputation speaks for itself. Whether its press, TV programmes or conferences, Wilsons Auctions are being spoken about all over the world and I’ll be delighted to play my part in continuing this into the foreseeable future. I look forward to working together with the team going forward in my new capacity as a consultant whilst embarking on the next chapter of my career. I’m committed to remaining an ambassador for Wilsons Auctions and the fantastic, hardworking team it has across the UK & Ireland.”

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Aidan well in his new role as he works to identify new opportunities for the company as part of this restructuring.