Beat the property tax hikes

Stock up on properties before the tax hike in April at Wilsons Auctions.

Property investors, are you looking to purchase buy to let properties ahead of the extra stamp duty charge that takes affect in April of this year?  Look no further as our property department has a great selection for you to add to your portfolio.

Landlords or second home owners within the UK from April will have to pay an additional 3% charge on stamp duty, increasing the upfront financial investment. 

Before the April deadline, property investors are expected to stock up on buy to let properties and Wilsons Auctions property is definitely somewhere you should check out with many properties below the £125k threshold.

Our properties include a modern 3 Bed End Town House in Newtownabbey, 4 Bed Semi Detached House, Town Parks Belfast, a traditional Sandstone Tenement Flat in Glasgow, to a 2 bed flat full of character in Ayrshire.

The next Wilsons Auctions property auctions are due to take place on the 2nd March at 7pm at our Portadown branch in Northern Ireland and the 3rd March at 7.30pm at our Scottish branch.