Wilsons Auctions backs World Indoor Rowing Silver Medalist to go One Better

As the only woman to represent Great Britain for the second year running and the youngest of the field, Charlotte Dixon qualifies within the top 10 women in the world to compete at the 2024 World Rowing Versa Challenge. Finishing in Silver position in last year’s championships, Charlotte, supported by Wilsons Auctions, is hoping to go one better in 2024. The multi-challenge competition format is designed to determine the world’s top overall indoor rowers.

Held in Prague, the Championships will be a joint event with the 2024 European Rowing Indoor Championships and will take place on the weekend of 23-24 February 2024 at the O2 Universum Hall.

“The Versa Challenge is the hardest test on the rowing machine that you can do. 5 events over 2 days that challenge you not only physically and mentally but also tactically and strategically.”

Over the two competition days of the Championships, participants competing in the World Rowing Versa Challenge will race in five different sub-challenges varying in time, distance, and type. The Versa Challenge is intended to test all the skills and strengths required of indoor rowers, exposing them to new and unfamiliar race formats. Participants will earn points throughout the sub-challenges, and the overall winners in the Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories will become World Rowing Versa Champions.

Aiming to go one better than last year’s championships, Charlotte says, “Reflecting on last years’ experience, the Versa format was so exciting. This format really showcases the various opportunities that indoor rowing has beyond just pace. Competitors may or may not be informed about the race formats in advance and should train to be prepared for any challenge.”

“I’m extremely fortunate to have a few training resources and top coaches helping towards my goals. Scott McGarry has hugely transformed me as an athlete over recent years – from indoor rowing and building my lung capacity to building my strength like never before, I completely trust his programmes. Last year, I was on the GB rowing performance squad however qualifying for the Versa Challenge has been completely on my own merit.”

“This sport is a hobby for me as I have a full-time career as a scientific training specialist based in Manchester, London and Northern Ireland. Training before and after work is essential for me to produce decent results.”

“I am so grateful that I have gained support from a few companies in the lead up to this year’s Championships such as Wilsons Auctions. Here’s hoping I can get back on that podium and do everyone proud.”

Only 12 men and 12 women will compete in the World Rowing Versa Challenge at the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships. In an exciting innovation, two of the 12 athletes will be guests invited by World Rowing as “Wild Cards”. 

List of Qualified Women:

Charlotte Dixon (GBR)

Elizabeth Gilmore (USA)

Lina Bélanger (CAN)

Morgan McGrath (USA)

Ella Fox (USA)

Anna Muehle (GER)

Taryn Sharp (AUS)

Marsha Coniglio (USA)

Nicola Goss (NZL)

Sarah Pidgen (CAN)


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