Vintage Land Rover brings hope to raise vital funds at Auction for Specialist Cancer Trial

With £50,000 as the fundraising goal, Sarah McCrimmon is hoping to end her long fight against cancer.

23 years old Sarah is from Renfrewshire, Scotland and has been battling a rare form of kidney cancer since she was 13 years old. Sarah has been given the opportunity to join a clinical trial in the USA, which has the potential to eradicate her disease. However, this specialist treatment is prohibitively expensive. 

Sarah, alongside her supportive family and friends, have rallied round to raise funds and have also set up a GoFundMe page in the hope of saving Sarah’s life.

Friend James Snelling has taken to the fundraising challenge. With extreme kindness, James is donating his vintage 1958 Land Rover, which he has lovingly restored.

Built in December 1958 and road registered in April 1959, the vehicle’s chassis was full of holes when James drove it home for the first time, but the vehicle has since undertaken an extensive renovation.

James went on to explain, “When I first heard Sarah was ill and about this specialist treatment, I wondered what I could to do to help Sarah and her family. Then I heard that they were raising money for Sarah to travel overseas and join a clinical trial, and I just immediately knew that donating my Land Rover was the right thing to do. I’ve spent thousands of pounds on bringing ‘Agatha’ back to life. I don’t use it enough anymore and I know that someone will just love driving it and owning just as much as we have. It’s a piece of automotive history with an incredible pedigree.”

The 1958 Land Rover will be allocated to car auction specialists, Wilsons Auctions. Presented in a timed online auction, bidding will start on Friday 24th February at 12 noon. Potential bidders will have a lengthy window of opportunity to bid online before the auction closes at 12 noon on Tuesday 28th February. Bidding will be open to the public and will be online only.

The vintage vehicle is located at Wilsons Auctions Glasgow and is available for viewing Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. For all enquiries, please contact Wilsons Auctions on +44 (0) 1294 833 444 or by emailing

Director and Auctioneer, Gareth Wilson commented, “I’m delighted that James has donated his beloved classic vehicle to give Sarah an amazing opportunity. Vintage Land Rover’s like this don’t come on the market very often and hopefully it will generate some real interest and the much needed funds to reach the fundraising goal of £50,000.”

“Bidders should note that there will be no auction fees included in the sale of this vehicle and the full proceeds raised will be donated directly to Sarah’s GoFundMe profile. I encourage anyone interested in bidding to register early.”

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More info here: Fundraiser by Sarah McCrimmon : Help towards cancer treatment in America (

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