A rare collection of antique steam memorabilia goes under the hammer in Belfast

Our Belfast branch recently auctioned a unique collection of antique steam memorabilia which was mostly hand-built by local man, Brian Mehaffey.

We were delighted to auction a unique personal collection of antique steam memorabilia in a recent Disposal Auction in Belfast on behalf of engineer, Brian Mehaffey.

The skilled 82 year-old, from just outside Portadown, approached Wilsons Auctions to sell his mostly self-built collection of steam powered items which included a handmade motorcycle in the style of 1900 era, a full size replica of the Craigievar Express 1897 steam car, a Merry-Go-Round and an 8ft Waterwheel.

Other items included a toy fire engine, stationary engines, trains and refurbished musical organs, all of which Brian has worked on and accumulated over the years. Having been inspired by his grandfather's saw mill, many of the items were born out of Brian's fascination with mills, steam-engines and mechanics.

Despite having many happy memories collecting, making and showing the items as well as his children and grandchildren getting a lot of fun out of them when they were young, Brian felt the time was right for others to get the pleasure out of them.

Overseen by Belfast's Disposal Team and managed by Disposal Auctioneer, Reece Morrison, Brian and his family were delighted by the outcome of the auction and the professional and caring way in which our staff dealt with Brian's items.

If you have any items you would like us to value and sell on your behalf please Click Here and follow the links to the various disposal auctions across our group and make contact with our Disposal teams.

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