A brief encounter for Ian Wilson

Managing Director Ian Wilson had an unexpected conversation with a London taxi driver recently, which unknown to both would prove very coincidental.

Ian Wilson was in London recently when he jumped into a taxi, on his way to a meeting. Making conversation during his journey, Ian was asking the very pleasant taxi driver how business was doing in London, on response the taxi driver explained he was thinking of leaving the taxi business to set up his own company of buying and re-selling commercial vehicles.

In response the taxi driver asked Ian what business he is in, explaining he is an auctioneer and was over from Northern Ireland on business, the taxi driver looked into his rear view mirror and asked “You wouldn’t happen to be Mr Wilson, of Wilsons Auctions?” In which Ian responded, “No I’m not Mr Wilson, I’m Ian Wilson.”

To Ian’s genuine surprise, the taxi driver Russell Reid explained he had been on the Wilsons Auctions website earlier that day as he was researching into auction companies for his new business. He narrowed his search down to two companies and decided by the time he completed his research he wanted to start doing business with Wilsons Auctions as he noticed it also had a great spread of locations across the country.

Ian asked how he worked out he was from Wilsons Auctions, Russell explained, “well you are an auctioneer from Northern Ireland and from my research I was aware your roots are from there.”

Absolutely blown away by the coincidence of this brief encounter, Ian Wilson would like to wish Russell and his business, Reid Commercials every success and looks forward to welcoming him to our branches in the future.