Wilsons Auctions



Ways to Bid at Auction

In Person

Still by far the most popular way for buyers to participate in our auctions and we prefer it that way too! We love to see bidders in person at our auction centres and this remains the best way for buyers to get involved and enjoy the bidding process.

Attending an auction in person means that you can get involved in the atmosphere, talk to the auctioneer, talk to our staff, talk to other buyers and generally get involved with the ‘fun of the fair’. It can give you a real feel for the current marketplace for the product you are interested in, buying or selling, and it is always fun to try to spot the bids before the auctioneer!


By Phone

Bidding by phone brings you close to the action; your bids will be taken verbally over the phone and handled by one of our friendly staff who will communicate your bids in person to the auctioneer. You can hear the auction and are informed as each bid is received from another bidder in the auction hall or on-line.

You will need to register your intention to bid by phone in advance of the auction you are interested in by contacting the branch concerned, you may be required to leave a deposit in advance. All telephone calls are recorded to provide an open, fair and auditable process.


Commission Bid

Otherwise known as a written bid, this form of bidding suits buyers who cannot attend the auction in person, bid on-line or bid by phone. You simply leave the maximum price in writing that you are prepared to bid to on any Lot and this information is passed to the auctioneer. The auctioneer will only use what is required from your maximum price to buy the Lot. For example if you leave a written bid of £1,000 on a Lot and the highest bid at the auction is £700 the auctioneer will bid £750 on your behalf thereby only using what is required from your maximum bid price to secure the Lot for you. 

You will need to register your intention to leave a commission in advance of the auction you are interested in by contacting the branch concerned, you may be required to leave a deposit in advance.

Wilsons Auctions currently operate various on-line auction facilities to suit the varying needs of buyers and sellers alike.


Live Bid

This facility allows registered buyers to participate in auction events remotely through a secure dial in. This facility is particularly popular with busy dealers globally as it allows them to purchase stock from the comfort of their office and still take in the atmosphere of the busy auction hall. Wilsons Live Bid operates in conjunction with our physical auction process.

Wilsons have utilised an on line facility for the professional sale of vehicles and equipment for many years; we continue to update our capabilities as technology allows and appreciate the need to maintain a constant development in this area of our business. We are pleased to pass on the benefits of our facilities to our customers on an ongoing basis.

‘Live Bid’ offers purchasers a secure and reliable method of remote bidding over the internet and was introduced to our customers in March 2009.

With buyers becoming more comfortable with the ‘Live Bid’ concept, the product is becoming an essential element of the auction process. The number of lots being purchased online is increasing with every passing month. The system features;

• Live Real Time Bidding Ability

• Auction Hall Live Video Feed

• Direct Live Auctioneer Sound

All that a customer requires is a PC with a broadband connection to the Internet.


Vendor Interactive

This facility allows vendors to represent their vehicles and equipment at auction without physically attending the sale. Vendors can view and listen to their stock being auctioned real time and communicate directly and effectively with the auctioneer enhancing the auction experience.

The system allows vendors to view all of their assets in the auction and view appraisals and images as required. Vendors can now download Inspection Reports for equipment, making it simple to check on damage and to view further images of the asset to enable them to settle on final reserve prices.


On-Line Timed Auction

Equipment is offered on-line in an e bay styled auction format whereby the auction is timed and counts down to a conclusion with the highest bidder at that point winning the lot. Equipment does not have to be physically at the auction premises to be offered in this format as only a suite of images and an accurate description are required.

The above facilities provide an optimum platform to provide maximum exposure for product throughout all stages of the disposals process. These electronic mediums are proving invaluable to both buyers and sellers alike.

Our systems allow for the automated back-fill of data to and from our customers to cut down on the need for manual input of information.

Telephone and proxy bidding are regular features of our auctions as many buyers still prefer this method of participation in the auction process. All telephone calls are recorded to provide an open, fair and auditable process.