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Jul 2012

The rain doesn't keep the bidders away from Wilsons....

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What our customers say: Jim O'Sullivan from West Cork travelled with his wife and daughter to bid on their new family car. "We travelled from West Cork this afternoon to attend Wilsons Car auction that we have heard so much about from friends, and are very pleased that we did. The staff made us feel very welcome and answered all questions on the entire auction process" "So we are back to West Cork to spread the good word!!" Martin Donnelly from North Dublin, "I brought my car to Wilsons as I have tried to sell it myself for the last few months on various websites but with no luck, I dropped the car in with the log book and NCT the day before , one of the auctioneers valued my car at more than I had been looking for it on the websites, the car went to auction and made €250 over my reserve price, I was absolutely delighted as well as the excitement of the auction itself, this extra money is very important to me and my family, thank-you Wilsons Auctions"