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Jan 1970

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It's always great to receive positive feedback and our property department in Dalry received just that from a satisified customer.

Having previously tried to sell their properties by auction elsewhere and with little success, the vendor came to Wilsons Auctions.

Based in Campeltown, which is currently a tough market to sell in at the moment, Wilsons Auctions helped to sell not one, not two, but three 1 bedroom flats!

There are many reasons why selling your house by auction should be a consideration”, says Rachel Brown, our Property Department Manager, in Dalry. “Our top priority is to provide a personal service for each client, ensuring we fully understand their needs and wants.  We are also always realistic and honest throughout the whole process and with an auction every three weeks, your property doesn’t get lost in an endless list of properties.”

Our next property auctions are taking place in Portadown on 2nd September and Dalry on 3rd September! View all properties today!