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May 2015

Zero Emission Vehicles for Auction

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Wilsons Auctions Dalry, has secured a contract for the sale of environmentally friendly vehicles on behalf of Allied Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of adapted and special purpose vehicles.

There are up to 60 vehicles on offer, which will include electric vans and wheelchair converted people carriers. These vehicles are converted Peugeot derivatives based on Bipper, Partner, Expert and Boxer models and come with a 3 month warranty direct from Allied Electric.

“Electric vehicles are driven by an electric motor, powered by a battery, meaning they do not produce any tailpipe emissions, says Gary Ranson, Vehicle Department Manager, Wilsons Auctions Dalry. “These would be a perfect addition to any company or organisation who wants to do their part to become environmentally more responsible."

The first delivery of 8 vans will be up for auction THIS Saturday 30th May at Wilsons Auctions, Dalry.

For more information please contact Gary Ranson by calling 01294 833444, email garyranson@wilsonsauctions.com or keep an eye on our website www.wilsonsauctions.com/view-auction/Dalry for further auction sale details.