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Feb 2012

Wilsons Dalry - 5 Auction halls Going at Once

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The auction runs on the last Saturday every month and includes 1 hall running the Plant and Machinery, 1 hall running the cars and vans and 3 large disposal halls including everything from police lost and found items to liquidation and general public entries.  All halls are fully heated with live online bidding available which attracts even more customers.   Gareth Wilson, General Manger of the Scottish Branch, comment: “I couldn’t believe the crowds on Saturday, the number of registered bidders were up almost 30% on this time last year, the customers like that there is so much activity at once, they might be coming up to buy a car but when they get here the end up going away with a gift for a friend from the disposal hall or a bicycle for a child from the police lost and found hall” he continued “as its held on a Saturday it’s a day out for people, we welcome family’s along so customers can bring their children with them who love the buzz of the auction”