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Apr 2015

Unreserved Government Prestige Auction- what does this mean?

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You may have heard us make reference over the years about our unreserved government prestige auctions (quite a mouthful, isn’t it?).  But what does this mean, who can go to these auctions and how do I register to attend?

Auction Jargon

So that you know what we’re talking about, here is what some of the key terms mean.

  • Unreserved


There are no minimum bids or reserve prices set on the items.  Every item is sold to the highest bidder.  This is what makes our unreserved auctions so exciting!

  • Government

This means that all the items in this auction are repossessions from various government departments.

  • Prestige

All of the items in our prestige auctions are of high value and many are most unique.  In our last Prestige Auction you could have picked up; an Apple iMac 2, a Muhammed Ali Signed Boxing Glove, Men and Women’s Rolex Watches, Motorbikes, a Pink Mini 1.6 Mini Cooper with a personalised “MUM” license plate and loads more.  All of these items were unreserved!

Who can go to these auctions?

Everyone! If you are in the market for some high value items at great value, this is the place to be!

When is the next one?

Our next Prestige Auction is being held on 8th May at our Mallusk site, 7pm. We have a wide range of items available, including luxury watches to include; Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Rolex, beautiful cars including a 4 month old BMW M6, Motorbikes, Pink Floyd Memorabilia, Gold Bullion and more.

I’d love to come what do I do next?

  1. Visit our website - Check out the range of items we have for auction
  2. Viewing an item – See something that takes your fancy and want to see it more closely?  Contact our Mallusk branch to arrange a viewing.
  3. Attending the auction in person – arrive on the day and register for your bidding card. For this you need to leave a £500 deposit, which is fully refundable if you don’t end up buying anything at the auction.
  4. Bidding online – For this you need to register 24 hours in advance using livebid.
  5. Be prepared – Come along to the auction with an idea of what you are willing to spend.
  6. Enjoy yourself- Last but not least, relax and enjoy a new type of shopping experience!

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