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Mar 2015

5th Commercial Auction Location

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Wilsons Auctions has committed to a 5th Commercial auction location in our Queensferry branch. On Thursday 12th March they launched their first major Construction Plant, Machinery, HGV, Tool and Equipment Auction. Wilsons Auctions Group is now one of the most recognised and respected plant, / machinery and HGV auctioneering and valuation departments on a National and International level. 

“With population coverage around Ireland, UK and International locations Wilson’s buyer coverage is unequalled.  We are able to draw on our extensive experience and hands-on approach to auctioneering and valuations of Plant, Machinery, HGV, Tool and Equipment to advance our growing department and company” comments Gareth Wilson.

With our physical auction process coupled with our real time online auction streaming system we are able to capture all of buyer base where-ever they be located in the world, providing them with regular good quality used construction, quarrying, HGV, haulage, agricultural, tools and equipment from our vast vendor base across Ireland and the UK.