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Jun 2014

Wilsons Dublin branch has had its busiest month in its history!

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Wilsons Auctions Dublin had the busiest month in it's history in June 2014. With more auctions held in one month than ever before, either by Wilsons Auctions Dublin or by any auction company in Ireland, it truely was a record breaking month.

With 16 individual auctions held and over 9,000 lots sold, ranging from vehicles, plant, machinery, tools and HGVs to catering equipment, engineering equipment, office furniture and land & property Wilsons Auctions Dublin continues to show the diversity of assets we can auction for our clients.

Out of the 16 auctions 4 of these were conducted off site in Cork, Longford and Donegal.  This again shows that Wilsons Auctions Dublin, and any of our sites, are capable of taking the show successfully on the road!

As always the credit must go to the team at Dublin for making each auction a success.  Fully utilising our Livebid function to attract bidders locally, nationally and internationally each auction was a success due to the competition between hall and on-line bidders.