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Feb 2014

1 of the TOP 250,000 websites worldwide

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Wilsons Auctions website www.wilsonsauctions.com hits the top 0.22% of websites on the planet!!

Wilsons Auctions website www.wilsonsauctions.com  ranks in the top 0.22% of 115 million websites studied in 2013 states a recent study featured in the New York Times.  This globally in depth study has proven that Wilsons Auctions website reach is truly world class and leading our industry not only on a local level but also internationally.

Ken Dunlop, Business Improvement Manager commented: “We have made a very conscious effort over recent years to have our website as user friendly and customer orientated as possible as well as being the “go to” website site for auction events for both our vendors and buyers alike. This record breaking fact is testament to the effort that has been put in by the team at Wilsons Auctions to best maximise the power of the internet for the benefit of our customers.”