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About Land & Property

Why Buy or Sell at Auction?

Wilsons Auctions are professionals in the field of property auctions and have a proven track record of disposing of land and property for government agencies, liquidators, financial institutions, estate agents and private individuals. Buying or selling land or property at auction requires an expertise and professionalism to make the process as hassle free as possible.

Benefits of Selling at Auction...

    • Immediate exchange of contracts - All contracts are prepared prior to the auction and a deposit is paid by the successful bidder at the fall of the hammer. With a sale by open market there is no guarantee that the sale will complete.

    • Best price - Selling at auction assures that a property will be sold at true market value which is achieved through competitive bidding. In many cases an auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale by a surprising amount.

    • Fixed completion date - Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes & maintenance. Completion of the sale is within 28 days of the auction day.

  • Focused Marketing - Wilsons Auctions invest heavily on marketing techniques to ensure maximum exposure to increase interest and visibility in land and property entrusted to us to sell.


Benefits of Buying at Auction...


    • Equal Opportunity - The property is available for sale on a set day for all interested parties to have an equal chance of buying

    • No Over Bidding - You will only ever pay one bid higher than the under bidder in an open auction environment giving complete transparency to the bidding process.

    • Safe Purchasing - There is no danger of the vendor 'pulling out' as the contract of sale is binding as soon as the gavel falls.

  • More Choice - Auctions often offer a wider range of properties and can include repossessions which are often sold with no reserve.